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ZARRAR Official Trailer 2020 | Shaan Shahid | Kiran Malik | Nadeem Baig | Pakistani Movie 2020

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Let’s celebrate Pakistan Day and save this country in these stressful times. As responsible citizens, we bring you the trailer of the most entertaining, most anxiously awaited blockbuster of the year. Stay at home and celebrate with ZARRAR! ZARRAR OFFICIAL TRAILER 2020 | Shaan Shahid | Kiran Maliik | Nadeem Baig | New Pakistani Movie 2020 | Shaan Shahid New Movie 2020 | 23rd March ZARRAR is an upcoming Pakistani action thriller film, written and directed by Pakistan’s very own superstar Shaan Shahid. The film revolves around the intense patriotic sentiments supported by some of the veterans of Lollywood including...
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