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CYBERTRAP - The Dark Side Of Social Media Trailer

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Cybertrap - The Dark Side of Social Media documentary deals with a significant topic we need to discuss and be aware of today. Written & Directed By : Anoop.M.J Produced By : Jithin.K.P Director Of Photography : Nitin Edited By : Rohit.V.S Visual Effects : Krishnakumar.K.C Original Soundtrack : Ebin Pallichan Sound Design & Mixing : Freddy's AVG, Cochin Aerial Cinematography : Birdeye Visual Narrated By : Angel Shijoy For CYBERTRAP - The Dark Side Of Social Media Updates : Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel : Stay Connected With Us: Facebook Group : Facebook Page : Instagram : Twitter : Telegram : #Cybertrap #Documentary #Trailer #Socialmedia #3rdeyemovieclub
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