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रवीन्द्र मिश्रलाई विजय लामाको यस्तो पत्र।। पत्रमा भनीएजस्तै कायापलट गर्न सक्लान् त??Vijaya /Rabindra

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रवीन्द्र मिश्रलाई आयो यस्तो पत्र।पत्रमा भनीएजस्तै कायापलट गर्न सक्लान् त रविन्द्रले??? Captain Vijaya Lama/ Rabindra Mishra Bikashatv is the one of the online tv which gives alots of information about politics,entertainment,latest movies updates etc.Bikashatv also run a exclusive interviews,gossips of popular person which are related in different fields. For more videos subscribe our youtube channel. Email : Official Website: Official Website nepali : Official Facebook Page: Official Youtube : ©Bikashatv Nepali Movie: Loot 2 LOOT 2, loot 2 nepali movie trailer, loot 2 nepali movie official trailer 2017, Dayahang Rai Loot 2 Trailer, Saugat malla Loot...
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