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Cash On Delivery Trailer | Malhar Thakar | Vyoma Nandi | Gujarati Film 2017

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Gujarati Superstar Malhar Thakar's upcoming film Cash On Delivery trailer is out now. Check out Malhar's intriguing performance in the film. It has all that you are looking for a complete film. It has suspense, thrill, romance, drama and more. Apart from Malhar, other actors list includes Vyoma Nandi, Anang Desai, Falguni Rajani, Sangita Khanayat, Bhakti Chauhan, Sagar Masrani, Tariq Khan, ACP Zala, Falguni Dave, Saloni Patel, Mehul Buch, Ratan Rangvani, Krupa Chandera, Yogi Raj and Abhishek Shah. Cash On Delivery will release on 5th May 2017.
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